Sample Workflow - Reminder Email when Opportunity Follow Up Date is = to Today

We recently sent an email to some of our subscribers asking for examples of Workflows they’ve created that they found useful and would like to share with us. We were not disappointed! We got some great submissions! Here’s one of the examples that we wanted to share with you:

The goal of this Workflow is to send an email to remind the Employee assigned to an Opportunity to reach out to the related Customer based on the Opportunity Followup Date. Here are the steps to configure this process:

  1. Navigate to the Workflow Management page in Striven and click on the Add Workflow button.

  1. Name the Workflow, select the managers, and provide access to the appropriate employee(s), and click Proceed.

  1. From the Workflow Info page, click on the Add Trigger button.

  1. Fill in the Trigger Name and select Opportunities from the Based On drop-down list on the Step 1: Trigger Information popup and click Next.

  1. For Step 2, you’ll want to select the filters for the Trigger. For this example, choose “Opportunities Assigned To Me (Logged in User)” is “Equal To” “Yes”, and “Opportunity FollowUp Date (Period)” is “Equal To” “Today” and click Save.

  1. Now that you’re back on the Workflow Info page, click the Add Action button under the Triggers section of the page.

  1. On the Edit Action page, fill in the required fields (marked with the red asterisk). For this example, select the following options:

    • Action Type: Send Email
    • Send On: Follow Up Date
    • To: Opportunity Assigned to Employees
    • Message Type: Sales Follow Up
    • Add desired merge fields and content for body of email message
    • Check the box for Send Automatically

    Click Save to continue.

  1. The next step is to publish the Trigger by checking the Mark as Published button.

  1. Select the time(s) you wish the Trigger to process.
  • Note: Each of the times represents when the system will be checking the filters to find the current records that meet the criteria. Selecting multiple times does not mean the Trigger will prompt the Action multiple times. It will just check at each selected time for records that now meet the criteria.


  1. Click Save & Publish. You will see a popup to confirm you wish to publish the Trigger. Click Yes to continue.


Now you have successfully created your Workflow! The final result should look like this:

For more information regarding Workflows, you can reference our Striven Workflows Guide. You can also browse our Striven Business Software YouTube channel for other useful Striven topics.

Please feel free to reach out to Striven Support with any Workflow related questions! We love to help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Special thanks to @Adam of Cherry Valley Stove & Saw for sharing this example with us!

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