Inventory Quantity on Hand View

It would be a great help if there were a simpler way to view the quantity on hand for a specific inventory item other than being in a sales order or purchase order. When searching for an item under Accounting>Inventory>Items and you find and the item you are searching for it shows you the Total Quantity On Hand for the entire company. We have six locations and the blue hyperlink only shows the transactional history of that item. If it were possible to view the specific locations that contain that item it would be very helpful. Currenlty we have to go to sales order entry and enter the item on a line and selct location to see this information. If there is a easier way other than creating yet another report that would be awesome.

In report Builder
You can do a Inventory by Location Report which shows you inventory on hand.
Transaction details tells you want warehouse it was sold out of and you can filter that down by trans type too.

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