Custom Links Menu in Striven

Here’s a helpful overview of a feature in Striven you may not know exists. Striven has the ability to save Custom Links for quick access (like bookmarks, but within Striven). Once you have added Custom Links to your Striven system, the Links menu option will appear next to Reports on the top of the page in the Striven Navigation Menu Bar .

To create Custom Links in Striven, navigate to Company → Settings → Company → Customizations → Links.


Click Add to create a new Custom Link. This will trigger a popup wherein you can name the Custom Link and provide the URL. Click Save & Close to save the Custom Link.


If you do not already have Custom Links saved in your system, you will notice the Links menu does not appear on the menu bar right away. There is a 30-minute delay for this menu option to appear, at which time you can then access the Custom Links you’ve created.

  • Note: It will also take 30 minutes for any new links to appear in the Links menu.

Some helpful links to consider for this feature might be:

  • Your Company’s Payroll portal
  • Your Company’s website
  • Striven User and/or Integration Guides
  • Google Maps
  • Striven’s API Reference Page

Feel free to experiment with other Custom Links to add to your list for quick access right from Striven. :slight_smile:

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