Custom Fields Guide - Global Custom Fields

In Striven, Custom Fields allow businesses to track information for certain entities that otherwise were not available previously. You can add Custom Fields on both a type-level and on a global-level to fit your needs when capturing data.

Global Custom Fields can be added and managed in the Company Settings. These settings can be located by navigating to Company → Settings → Company → Customizations → Fields.

Custom Fields added here will appear on all the entities created on the related level. So if you add a Custom Field to the Sales Orders entity within these settings, all Sales Orders will feature that Custom Field on the page when creating or managing them. There are a variety of entities you can create Global Custom Fields for in Striven.

Once you are on the Global Custom Fields page for a particular entity (Sales Orders in this example) you will have the options to Add Sections, Add Fields, or Manage Sections. This will enable you to configure where and how the Custom Fields will display on the Sales Order page.

For more information about Global Custom Fields, you can reference the Global Custom Fields section of our Striven Custom Fields Guide. You can also browse our Striven Business Software YouTube channel for other useful Striven topics.