How do I relabel my Striven system entities to match my company's terminology?

Entity Relabeling

A powerful feature in Striven is the ability to Relabel the entities in your system with terms that fit more closely with your Company’s business terminology. This customization feature enables you to select the title of the entities in your system, such as Customers, Vendors, Tasks, and Sales Orders.

Clearly there are industry differences in terminology or lingo that may be confusing when trying to adapt to a different label in your Striven system. Relabeling these areas of the system can help you and your staff communicate more clearly and efficiently when referencing system entities.

To get started, navigate to Company → Settings → Company → Customizations → Relabel.

Example of Entity Relabeling Settings

You can make your entity Relabeling selections from the drop-down menus for each entity and then click Save.

Demonstration of relabeling Customers, vendors, tasks, and Sales Orders
Example of Entity Label Selections

Note: Once you click Save , a warning message will appear informing you that continuing with this change will cause all users to be logged out of the system in order for the Relabeling changes to take effect. To continue, click Yes.

Example of Change Entity Labels Warning

To learn more, please reference the Entity Relabeling section of our Company Setup Guide.