Gift cards and Loyalty program within Striven

Dear Striven Community,

As avid users of the Striven platform, we’ve found immense value in its capabilities for managing our business operations efficiently. However, there are two features that we believe would greatly enhance our experience and provide added value to our customers: the ability to sell gift cards and implement a robust loyalty program.

Currently, Striven lacks the functionality to sell gift cards and efficiently manage their balances within the system. We believe that integrating this feature would not only streamline our sales process but also offer an additional revenue stream for our business. Moreover, a built-in loyalty program would allow us to reward our loyal customers with points based on their purchases, offer them exclusive discounts or coupons, and ultimately foster stronger customer relationships.

We’re reaching out to fellow Striven users to gauge interest in these proposed additions. Are there any other businesses like ours who share our enthusiasm for implementing gift card sales and loyalty programs within Striven? We’re eager to hear your thoughts and experiences, and collectively advocate for these features to be considered for future updates.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and we look forward to engaging with you in the Striven community.

Best regards,
Dustin S.
Terra Bella Nursery

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We have found the need for gift cards in the past so this would defiantly be a nice feature and one we would use from time to time.

For now an idea and the way we do it is create a quote and take a deposit and let the deposit be the place holder for the purchase (I would use a special GIFT CARD ITEM TYPE) so it doesn’t hit revenue until cost of goods are sold. Then when the items are redeemed the invoice subtracts the gift card amount.
The DOWN side of this that it doesn’t show as a credit on the customer’s account. When you do this as an “Credit memo” it breaks API logic in pivot tables, maybe if they fix report building that could solve this issue.
We do a lot of preorders and this is how we over come “zero costing also”
I love the loyalty tracking too as we have a lot of repeat retail customers and It would be nice to track them by dollar amount/visits.

An idea for this could be taking prepayments on a quote to apply a “credit” or payment to the account without the need to cut an invoice and then it shows on account and could be applied and treated like a gift card would. I guess you can do this now as just a payment and use the payment # as the quote # if you need to for tracking purposed but this wouldn’t allow you to use this on the portal. Maybe with the new stripe release we can brainstorm ways to support each in this effort.

Loyalty rewards - right now I can think if you set a custom field or maybe a work flow trigger that does it based on revenue with a report that emails to you your staff could put a drop down field on their account based off dollars spent or visits and you could keep track that way. I just don’t know the best way to “auto” redeem that without putting a credit memo in the system once they hit $250.00 or something. I would just make a discount item called "“Rewards” and track it that way and do a credit memo and apply it as a give back. or use the rewards discount on the bottom of there invoice/sales receipt. Depends on how this is managed internal and the hierarchy of who grants the discount/rewards.

Ashley Porter
Crest Lock Co., Inc.

Thank you for the info Ashley. If you have time I would love to discuss this more with you. We are using a work around with gift cards by using credit memos. We can share the troubles we both experience and any work arounds that are helpful.

Feel free to email me

We most definitely have a need for gift cards and a loyalty program here at Bakery Trade. We currently have to use a third party software for our loyalty program. Having to use multiple systems always creates unnecessary work. Hopefully there are more Striven community members that find this useful and work to push Striven to make the updates for these features.


Emmanuel Rodriguez
Bakery Trade

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