Fleet Maintenance for Company Assets

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Assets, such as Company cars, trucks, trailers, cranes, or other equipment or machinery require occasional maintenance throughout their lifespan. Whether it is an inspection, oil change, or repair, Striven can help you track and manage that maintenance using the Company Fleet Maintenance List. The Company Fleet Maintenance List displays all Fleet Assets along with some actions you can take as well.

To view the Company Fleet Maintenance List, navigate to:

Company → Assets → Fleet Maintenance


  1. Asset Name: Lists the name of the Fleet Asset. Clicking on the hyperlinked name will bring you to the Company Asset Info page for the selected Asset.
  2. Odometer: Displays the Asset’s current odometer reading.
  3. Miles Since Last Maintenance: Lists how many miles have been driven since the last maintenance has been entered.
  4. Last Maintenance Date: The date on which the Asset was last maintained and entered into Striven.
  5. Note: Shows notes that were entered when adding maintenance for the Asset.
  6. Add Maintenance: Allows you to add maintenance for a Fleet Asset.
  7. View Maintenance History: Shows a list of previous maintenance. Information such as the created by, maintenance date, and odometer reading will be listed after clicking to view an Asset’s maintenance history.
  8. View Return History: Lists how much the Fleet Asset has been driven and the entered odometer readings upon each return.

Adding Maintenance

By clicking the Add Maintenance hyperlink on the Company Fleet Maintenance page, a popup will appear in which you can fill out the information about the maintenance, including the date, cost, and the odometer reading. You can also add notes about the maintenance being added and add attachments, such as receipts, or maintenance descriptions for record.


  1. Maintenance Date: By clicking the Calendar icon, you can choose a date on which the Fleet Maintenance occurred.
  2. Odometer Reading: Stores the odometer reading that was present after the Fleet Maintenance was completed.
  3. Cost: Allows you to enter how much the Fleet Maintenance that is being entered in Striven cost.
  4. Attachments: Allows you to upload an attachment related to the Fleet Maintenance that was completed. This could be a receipt or image of what was done with the Fleet Asset.
  5. Notes: Allows you to enter notes of what was completed with the Fleet Maintenance. There is formatting available here, including numbering, hyperlink creation, and much more.
  6. Actions: There are two actions here, which are described further in the points listed below:
  • Save & Close: Saves the Fleet Maintenance and closes the popup window, which will bring you back to the Fleet Maintenance List.
  • Close: Will not save the Fleet Maintenance and closes the popup window, which will bring you back to the Fleet Maintenance List.

For more information regarding Company Assets, visit our Company Asset Management Guide.

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This is nice. Will you be adding the option to catagorize the maintenace entries? For example, oil change, scheduled, repairs, etc.

Also will you allow an appointment/task be used or linked for these items so that we can “schedule” the service and have history of where the work was performed. IE tires at “Firestone”.

Hi @Jeremyatcbg

These are great ideas that we can definitely consider the next time we work on this area of the system. Thank you very much for your suggestions. :slight_smile:

Hi Ashley,

We have a major revamp of how our multi-touches work which will include triggers and such. This is still being designed but we can definitely consider including triggers for company assets as well. Thank you very much for your great ideas. :slight_smile: