Calendar Icons/ Hover Ability

A future feature request I think that would benefit anyone who uses the calendar is status icons.
This icon would be applied to the “Clock in item” similar to the icons used on appointments. When a user clocks in with a certain item the icon changes to show what that are doing and shows a running total of there time at the top of the page, on or similar to where labels are located that can be viewed on the calendar and on the task when its opened. This icon would change as you changed labor items. For example if you track “TRAVELING” as often with service companies you might use the symbol of a vehicle. Once the tech or user is working they would change there icon the represents working such as the icon of a hammer or shovel. For those that track estimating time might use a calculator icon.

This would let dispatchers see quickly who is on there way to the job vs working and once they are done the job the icon might disappear or show a stop sign for time shopped.
This also shows if some one left there time clocked in and it is rogue.

Another idea to piggy back on this would be that when you hover over the work order it show you the descriptions notes or let this hover option be “editable” for users to be able to see custom fields if they wish and this be user defined or at a company level.


Hello, Ashley! (@AshleyCrest)

This is a wonderful suggestion! I can certainly see how this could be beneficial. :slight_smile: A Future Feature request has been opened for you regarding this request, and our Support Team will update you as this moves through the review process.

If you have any questions, or any further feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Thank you!