How do you use 'Custom Web Requests'

Has anyone ever successfully used the ‘Custom Web Requests’ that are in Settings->Integrations?
There is no documentation I’ve found on it, and nothing I’ve attempted has worked. I can use Fetch from within a browser app to make my calls without issue, I can use cURL from my desktop to make my calls without issue. When I attempt to translate those into the ‘Custom Web Request Info’ page it fails every time. I have used Basic Auth (username+password), Basic Auth (username+API token), Bearer Auth (bearer token); nothing works when entered on Strivens ‘Custom Web Request Info’.

If anyone has ever used this, please help.
If anyone hasn’t and you want to toss your idea-hat in the ring, this is the interface I’m looking at:

Greetings Scott,

I want to thank you for your submission. I will be creating a task to look into this further for you!

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