How do you record debit card purchases and ACH drafts?

I assume you record debit cards and bank drafts as a “Check”. Is there anything on the drawing board that lets you enter these transactions as a debit card or bak draft so you don’t mess up Striven’s check sequence number of your checks?

I asked the same thing once and was told that you just have to create the check and on the picture of the check where you fill it in, edit the number to something else like “ACH 00001” or “Debit0001”.

On the Check payment you would put in the check number as ACH this will prevent the Check number from being updated.

Hello! Follow up questions, how do you record refunds to a bank debit card? Scenario: purchased xyz on June 10th via debit card, dollars immediately taken out of account, returned item and received refund on July 5th. I understand refunds to credit cards, nice and easy. What piece am I missing for debit card? Thanks!