GL Reporting with Memo

We are needing to export our GL for our owners monthly. The current process does not include the Memo or description. Is there a way to get this added?

Good Morning, Emily (@evarden) !

Wonderful question! I believe I have a custom report that will cover what you are looking for, but I would like to make sure.
What information would you like to have displayed on the GL report? And to confirm are you looking to have the Transaction Memo and Item Description Displayed?

Please let me know and I will walk you through the Custom Report configuration. :slight_smile:


Apologies I am just seeing this response.

I need Class, GL Account, Date, Memo, vendor / customer (if applicable on transaction), transaction type, Item description, and amount.

Hello, Emily (@evarden)!

Thank you for your response! It appears a Task had been opened for you regarding this request.
If further assistance is required regarding creating this report, you are welcome to submit a new Task, schedule a meeting, or hop in a quick Support Chat. Our Support Team is here and ready to help! :slight_smile:

Thank you!