Customize Dashboards Per User

For each Module in Striven, a Dashboard is available to house a summary of important information within one single page. These Dashboards are available for the following entities and topics in Striven:

With each Dashboard, users can customize which widgets they want to appear in order to show the information that is most important to them.

Updating these Dashboards will only update for the logged in user, which allows for personalized customizable options in Striven.


Manage Widgets
By clicking the Manage Widgets icon, you can pick and choose which widgets you would like to have displayed on the Dashboard you are viewing.


You can arrange your widgets between the three columns available on the Dashboard. To reset your Dashboard to the default view, you can always select Reset to Default.


Once you have selected the widgets you want on the Dashboard, you can then customize the widget further by configuring the settings to make sure it is showing the desired information.


Certain widgets will also allow you to filter even more based on the date range period. This allows you to hone in on the exact results you need.