Check Recall for Employees

How come check recall doesn’t work when entering a paycheck for an employee?

Thanks for the question @smbiz .

With Striven you can create payroll files for submission to an external payroll processing company, but the system doesn’t include a payroll processing feature.

The system will allow the creation of expense checks, for example, but not a “paycheck”.

If this is not what you are asking about, please provide more details to better assist you with this question. Let us know if we can help you any further! :slightly_smiling_face:

I am creating an expense check to record a paycheck (during bank reconciliation). If the payee is in the Striven system as an employee and not a vendor, the check recall function doesn’t seem to work. It would make recording employee checks much more efficient if the check recall function worked with employees, especially if their paychecks are consistently the same.

Hi @smbiz , may I clarify when you say recall do you mean recurring paycheck? In Striven you may set recurring paycheck for your employee =)

Why does the system not allow us to import employee pay checks?

The “Recall Last” function… doesn’t work for employees.

Thank you smbiz for bringing this to our attention!! We really appreciate your feedback and we are following up with you directly.