Change of terms for "Shipping & Handling"

With surcharges and tariffs the shipping info field allows you to charge the percentage or amount for that item. Requesting the ability to edit what prints on invoice and quote formats for this field so you can have it say freight/tariff/surcharge or something of the sort.

@AshleyCrest Thank you for your Post!!

Just to clarify you are asking that in the Totals Section for AP and AR Formats you would like to have the ability to edit the text “Shipping & Handling” next to the Shipping and Handling total amount?

We can certainly add this feedback for when we Revamp our Formats in the future.

Thank you!!


Or the ability from the inventory part to add a percentage like “shipping & handling” for surcharges and tariffs that works the same way as shipping and handling and calculates based on a percentage at the line item level.