Basic Financial Reporting Needed

It would be good to generate different versions of basic financial reports such as Balance Sheets & Income statements for comparison to prior periods. I’m not seeing the capability currently.

Also, is there a Statement of Cash Flow available?

Thank you @smbiz for your question. :slightly_smiling_face: You can export the reports and compare the reports using Excel. Cash Flow Statement is a great suggestion. I’m going to go ahead and add this in our Future Request!

Have a great day!

For quick and simple reporting, it’s a huge hassle to have to export two separate reports and then try and match them up line by line. Oftentimes, if your Chart of Accounts has changed from year to year (and that’s highly likely with the additions of loans, assets, or bank accounts) then simply coping and pasting from one spreadsheet to another, won’t line up or work very well without significant time and modifications.

The automation and software scripting to be able to pull trend Income statements is a competitive standard I have found in most accounting software packages. Being able to compare periods for both Income Statements and Balance Sheets, give meaningful insight for a business owner to see what past decisions have paid off or been mistakes they may not want to repeat.

Good Morning @smbiz Thank you for your post.

We do have the P&L Comparison Report (Linked to the Guide) that can provide the option to compare previous years as well as budgets. I will add a Future Feature for the Comparison of a Balance sheet.

Thank you for your suggestion
Have a great day!!