Are you interested in Associating your Contacts with your Customers/Vendors?

Since Contacts can be associated with multiple companies, it is important to know how to see these associations accordingly.

When navigating to a Contact from the Contacts List, you can go to the Associations tab in order to see the Customers/Vendors this Contact is associated with.

  • When viewing a Contact from a Customer record, you can also access the Contact’s Associations.

If you have an existing Contact in the system that you need to associate to a Customer/Vendor there is an action to do so. Keep in mind if you try to add an existing Contact as if they were new, the system will flag them as a duplicate.

  • Navigate to the Customer/Vendor you wish to associate the existing Contact within Striven. You can find your Customer/Vendor by going to the Customer or Vendor tab and clicking on the List. You can then search for your Customer/Vendor with the available search filters.

image (61)

  • Once on your Customer/Vendor’s profile, you can navigate to their Contacts List from the Waffle Menu.

Contacts list

  • Once on the Contact List, click on the Associate Contact button.

associate contact

  • With the popup that appears, you can search for your existing Contact based on their name, email, or phone number. Once you have found the Contact you are looking for you can click Select in order to associate the Contact with the Customer/Vendor.
    • Note: If the Contact does not already exist in the system, you can navigate to the Add tab within the popup screen to create a new Contact.

If you need assistance setting up your Associations, contact Striven Support and we will be happy to help! :grinning:

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