Managing Projects With The Milestones List

When managing multiple projects at once, it can be a bit difficult to have a view of all the Milestones that you are responsible for without navigating to multiple pages. A great solution is to use the Milestones List that Striven provides. The Milestones List will allow you to view all Milestones that are important to you so you can easily navigate to each one when needed.

To navigate to the Milestones List click on the Projects - Milestones.

Once you are on the Milestones List you can utilize the search filters to narrow down the Milestones that are important to you and your workload. Filters such as the Person Responsible or the Project Assigned To is a great way to easily see your work.


Once you have completed your search, you will be given results with useful information and links available from this list provided.

The Milestones List will indicate how many days away from when the Milestones are due and will also indicate with red if a milestone is past due. Using this list, you can easily see which Milestones are upcoming versus ones that are due later down the line.


From the list view, you can easily see the overall number of tasks as well as the budget completed versus the total overall budget for the Milestone. This will allow you to quickly gauge how much work is still needed to complete each milestone.


Actions are even available to quickly update Milestones as needed without having to navigate to the projects themselves.


To learn more about managing Milestones for Projects in Striven, check out our Project Management Guide on